Every effort must be taken to identify the bodies.
Management of Dead Bodies in Disaster Situations, UN WHO, 2004

Thousands of bodies are being buried without identification after the Haiti Earth Quake that occurred on the 12th January 2010. We need a system that will allow relief agencies and special trained teams to go in and identify each body, record images, where the person died, take DNA samples and mark the body. Hopefully the location of burial will also be recorded.

People who have lost loved ones can then try and identify their relatives and friends and get closure, knowing that their friends or relatives were found and where they were buried.


This is a new project to create the following:

  • Website to manage the identification of the victims of a disaster
  • Section for people to identify the victims from photographs based on a search criteria and geographic locations
  • Section for aid workers and rescuers to input data
  • Cross platform app to take photos and upload information IE Geotagging

What we need

Team Members to work on various sections of the system.

  • Software Project Managers
  • Main website for identification
  • Website for the input of data via mobile cell phone, tablet or camera uploads
  • Mobile Phone App Development Team (Android, iOS, Windows)
  • Financial Team to manage donations. Money to be used for hosting, software purchases if necessary, data and mobile devices

This project will be a free project. No persons will be paid for time or effort put into the project. In future an admin team might be put in place to manage the resources such as the distribution of phones, training etc. This is open for discussion.




Main Website - this page!
Twitter @bodyfind

To Do

  • Wiki to manage website for developers and team members -
  • Email system on Google Apps - Done
  • Graphic team to manage the look and feel of the website and apps
  • Useability feedback from end users Eg International Red Cross / International Red Crescent etc

Wish List

Last Updated

May 2015

News Articles

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CNN - Where bodies go after natural disasters

SA Sends 2nd team to Haiti

CNN - Bodies dumped in Mass Graves



Website look 'n feel

Database designers (CouchDB or mySQL)

PHP Developers


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